Welcome To GrayLowe Computer Services

GrayLowe Computer Services( GCS) was established in 1997 in England to provide consultancy services on a wide variety of computer related issues. (Please see our services page for a full list of services provided) Here's a little more about our company: - 

Graham Lowe founded GCS in 1997 after 21 years in the Police Service. During his service Graham spent the last five years in the IT department and became involved in the design and implementation of a National Crime Recording and Intelligence System for the Ministry of Defence Police. In 1994 the system was trialed and then released throughout the UK. Since the inception of GCS Graham has provided consultancy on both hardware and software solutions to HM Government, Welsh Office and Commercial companies. 

Graham moved to Canada in 2003 and decided to spend his time helping local people with their home computer problems. This included expansion and replacement, re building machines and operating systems., through to small business IT expansion with wireless networking, and web sites. Using tried and trusted suppliers to find the best available products at the best prices. Graham has been able to establish a local reputation for good quality, affordable computer related services which he has been able to pass on to his customers..